Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon in Virgo March 9th 2020
The energy of a virgo full moon tends to be anxious and finicky. Ask yourself the following questions. Have I been overly critical of myself or others? Have I paid enough attention to what is going on around me? Have I been putting myself down? Have I been helping others? Have I been too negatively focused lately, complaining a lot and generally worrying? Full moons are always about letting go and releasing so allow yourself to release any negative tendencies now.
Do something to help others this month and really focus on that. Allow yourself to dream and take it easy on yourself. Virgo moons bring out a desire to be perfect, so we may really be noticing our faults right now. Remember that it is okay to work on yourself but beating yourself up does not solve a damn thing. Make a list of all the things you are really good and, the things you are crushing it at right now. You can also make a list of what you’d like to release.
Other aspects at play:
7 planets in earth signs- time to take physical action
Mercury retrograde for one more day in Aquarius- problem solving and being the best you can be
Sun sextile mars – setting goals and meeting objectives
sun sextile jupiter – confidence, optimism, new experiences
Sun Conjunct Neptune- looking at the big picture, intuition, a need for structure which our virgo full moon can help
Sun sextile pluto – secretive, manipulation. conviction to achieve at any cost
Moon trine Mars – Helpful for problem solving.
Moon trine Saturn – Emotional stability.
Moon trine Jupiter Optimistic and generous enenrgy. Infectious.
Moon trine Pluto be careful of how you express your opinons.
moon opposing neptune – deep thinking
Venus Square Saturn – Issues with authority, need for approval and acceptance
Venus Conjunct Uranus need for freedom and expressing yourself creatively
Mars Conjuct Jupiter need for adventure, but be careful of ego
Mars Sextile Neptune – creativity, impractical
jupiter sextile neptune – compassion,
Jupiter Conjuct Pluto – truth seeking
Saturn Square Uranus – chaotic energy, sterr clear of being judgemental
Saturn Conjunct Pluto delight in deep thoughts and intense self-reflection

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