Sage and Why We Should Use it Everyday

What is Sage?

Salvia officinalis, Sage is an herb in the mint family.

What is the History of sage?

Sage has been used since ancient times, most notably by the Romans, the French and native Americans. The ancient Romans used it for its many healing qualities, the French made delicious tea, and the Native Americans used it to purify.

What are the uses of sage today?

Sage is used to preserve meat and its often used to stuff Turkeys at Thanksgiving. Its been used to treat Alzheimers, depression, heat flashes and many other ailments and diseases. It can even be used as a pesticide.

How do you burn sage?

“Smudging” is the act of burning dried herbs, including sage, and using it to cleanse yourself and the environment. It is meant to cleanse negativity and is a wonderful way to work on mindfulness and grounding.

Does it really cleanse bacteria?

A study done in 2007 showed that burning sage can reduce bacteria in the air by more than 94 percent. This lasted for 24 hours. What is more impressive, many of this bacteria was still absent after 30 days!!

So, in closing, sage is awesome. Burn it everyday to keep yourself and your home feeling good and clean. Add it to your food too or tea and you can cleanse yourself from the inside.

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Check out the scientific study I mention here:

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