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Syd will take a deep look into your birth chart with a reading of your North Node. Your North Node is a shortcut to enlightenment in your current incarnation. Once you understand this it will make your life purpose clear and help you manifest your dreams in the easiest and healthiest possible way. We will also discuss your South node, which represents the energy you used in past lives that you find easy to access. It is important to learn to focus yourself on your North node instead of the easy south node road. Learning about my North node has changed my life and I know it will change yours too.

1 review for North Node Reading

  1. Brenna

    Syd is such a magical reader. She is honest and guiding. This reading will help you get you on the right track for your purpose in this life right away! I found that journaling after the reading, doing the homework, and applying this information to your daily life changes the game. I cannot wait to continue working with the information I got in this reading. Highly recommend.

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