Pisces New Moon

New Moon in Pisces February 23 10:32 am Est

The home of dreams, what are you thinking and dreaming about? Are you using your abilities to imagine the life you want? A great time to face and release your fears. Its also a great time to work on your intuitive skills. Takes notes on every hunch you get and track it or use divination. Seek out a healer at this time or make a list of what needs to be healed then mark them off as you feel them heal. Write down your dreams this month. Surrender to the universe and know you’re connected to all life everywhere. There is a lot of positive energy with this particular new moon! There is an idealistic and dreamy energy in the air.
Mercury is in retrograde
This is a good time to focus on the completion of projects and things that are unfinished. It’s not advised to take on new responsibilities or sign documents. Of course sometimes we have to! So just be wise and read fine print. It’s also a great time to get creative. The Sun and the Moon are close to Mercury too so keep that energy in mind.
Exact midpoint between Mars and Uranus (Apex of Minor Grand Trine)
Energy is flowing between action taker Mars and innovative Uranus. This will be a good time to try new things especially those of a techical or mechanical nature.
Venus is in an exact hard angle to Jupiter
This brings up an expansive loving energy. Love, desire, generosity, is in the air. This can lead to overindulgence but it’ll be a damn good time.
There is a desire to bring about our dreams now, which is a great thing during a new moon. Because of Mercury in retrograde you may be looking back on all your old plans. We can look to a bigger and brighter future. It’s a great time to plan, study and reassess. Not a great time yet to act but set your goals in place now. In two weeks when Mercury goes direct on the next full moon in March, you will have tons of clarity about all your dreams that are being awoken at this time now.
Crystals for Pisces New Moon
⦁ golden apatite -helpful to curb overindulgence while empowering you to focus on your next manifestation and your goals
⦁ labradorite- supports self reflection and transformation
⦁ rhodonite- clears away wounds of the past and energy blockages
⦁ black tourmaline- to help you transmute negativity into positivity (great to help during retrogrades)
⦁ selenite- also super helpful during a retrograde it cleanses your aura, home and even other stones
When it comes to working with crystals I ALWAYS tell people to listen to their own heart, their gut, their intuition. What feels right to you IS RIGHT. As long as you don’t eat them or throw them at people who piss you off 😉
Some suggestions for rituals
⦁ Did you notice the rhodonite is a bead? Maybe string it and wear it during this time to help let go of any past limitations
⦁ Meditate holding one or all of them focusing your intention anytime around this new moon (full moons are in strong affect up to 4 days before and 4 days after but continue to influence us until the next major moon phase and even longer!)
⦁ Hold the stone/stones when you feel the moons energy
⦁ Place the stones on your altar (don’t have one? Make one! It’s as simple as clearing off a pretty space and placing your crystals down lovingly) and write a list of all the things you’d like to release this new moon. (This is the one thing I do without fail every new moon) I suggest you write this list in your personalized moon journal then you can keep looking back on it over the next weeks and months as you continue your crystal moon journey.
⦁ Try out different mantras like “Mercury Retrograde, I got this shit”

May your Mercury be more Freddie and less retrograde!

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