Pisces Full Moon 2019


On September 14th at 12:33am est we have a full moon in Pisces. For those on the west coast the moon will be at it’s fullest at 9:33pm pst, on, that’s right, Friday the 13th. But don’t fret, Friday the 13th is actually traditionally Venus’s day and a wonderful time to honor the Divine feminine. And what a perfect sign to relate to our divine feminine but Pisces, our only fully water dwelling sign in the zodiac.

Pisces is the healer and the dreamer, all about the deep waters of our subconscious and our emotions. Pisces is also the 12th and final sign of our zodiac. This harvest Moon, will bring about a huge energetic release with this emotional ending of this moon cycle as well as the zodiac cycle.

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, and with the two sitting so close in the sky, they are vibing high and sending us the inspiration and spiritual guidance to change our lives and let go of some huge baggage. Neptune is square Jupiter which can lead to embarrassment or disappointment so it’s better to be skeptical than gullible. Mars is opposite Neptune which can bring about discouragement, weakness, and inadequacy. This can lead to competition and misdirected energy. You may need to get a reality check on your expectations. The moon is also conjunct Neptune  which increases emotional sensitivity, insecurity and confusion. Once again we have to realize the difference between fantasy and reality.

Mars is also square Jupiter which leads to more energy, initiative and risk taking. You want to avoid impulsive actions. The moon  moon osquare The Jupiter can lead to overconfidence and excess. Moon opposite Mars leads to moodiness and short tempers. Minor interractions can turn to fights. Relationships suffer from impulsive actions or aggressive instincts. Do your best to channel your energy towards your own tasks at this time to avoid the hostility of others.

The moon sextile Pluto is just perfect for a pisces moon. The energy of Pluto is powerful, intense and greatly linked to the subconscious. Deeply burried feelings are exposed and relationships will evolve deeper or may implode. Let your intuition guide you, it will never steer you wrong.

Finally, my favorite part of this full moon is that it takes place in the constellation of Phoenix. And if you follow mythology, you probably know that the Phoenix is a magical bird who rises up stronger from the ashes of it’s predicessor. This constellation is all about power, ambition, and a pioneering spirit. So if this moon causes chaos in your life and it feels like you’re left with rubble and ash, remember the story of the Phoenix and as a new cycle begins you will soar even higher.




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