New Moon in Taurus May 22 2020

New Moon in Taurus
Taurus is the builder, the bull, and earth sign ruled by Venus. Taraus new moons will bring up practical issues and is a great time to manifest possessions and the things we desire. It’s a great time to think about finances and look deeply at and think about what you want. How are you doing with loving yourself? Are you living the life you want? If not how can you live the life you want? It’s a great time to enjoy the small things in life do things that make you feel good. Ask yourself if you’re being lazy or stubborn. This is the time to dig your hooves into the dirt and stick to things! Be patient, good things take time. It’s also a good time to think about stepping outside your routine.

“Give me a firm spot on which to stand and I will move the earth”

When the sun is conjunct the moon, we find a new moon.
Sun conjunct Mercury- motivation to communicate and learn
Sun square Mars- action, tension, fighting for what we value
Sun trine Jupiter- luck, motivation, growth, syncronicities
Sun trine Saturn- lucky actions, positivy societal change
Sun quintile Neptune- action, solutions, greater whole
Sun trine Pluto- motivation towards positive transformation, syncronicities, luck
Moon trine Jupiter- instincts, growth, syncronicities
Moon trine Saturn- feeling better about society
Moon sextile Neptune- feeling happy about the greater whole
Moon trine Pluto- rebirth of emtions, positivity
Moon semisquare Chiron- emotional friction about healing
Mercury conjunct Venus- powerful communication about love and our needs
Mercury square Neptune- issues with communication and tension between the greater whole
Mercury quintile Chiron- communication about solutions for healing
Venus quintile Chiron- love, desire, healing
Mars sextile Uranus- positive action for reform
Uranus semisquare Venus- change/reform, friction, love, relationships, what we value
Neptune square Venus- insecurities, effort needed to work on ourselves
Saturn conjunct Jupiter- growing through restrictions, breakthroughs
Pluto conjunct Jupiter- karma is working its magic
Chiron quintile Pluto- transforming our feelings and thoughts and wound and finding solutions for healing
Uranus square Saturn- difficult change, drama, restrictions
Neptune semisquare Uranus- imagination, friction, change
Pluto sextile Neptune- creativity and awakening

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