New Moon in Taurus April 22nd 2020 at 10:25 pm EST

On April 22nd 2020, at 10:25pm EST, we find a new moon in Taurus. New moons are all about manifesting and thinking about what we want out of life. A new moon in Taurus will turn our thoughts to how grounded we are or are not. How are your finances? How is your self image? What values do you hold dear? With the Sun in Taurus this energy is only amplified. The Moon is our feelings while the Sun is the here and now you might say. So with both in Taurus our feelings are being mirrored by our external reality.

Other aspects:

Sun conjunct Uranus- changes are happening

Sun Square Jupiter- confidence and success if you don’t take on too much

Sun square Saturn- challenges of character leading to possible depression

Sun square Pluto- issues with control and rebirth

Sun semisquare Neptune- helping others/don’t overhelp

Moon semisquare Neptune- desire to be close to people and your environment

Moon quintile Mars- learning to respond quickly

Moon square Jupiter- changeable energy, overly self indulgent

Moon square Saturn- hard to connect with lovedones, low self esteem holding you back

Moon conjunct Uranus- listen to your intuition

Moon square Pluto- subconscious comes out through compulsive behaviors

Mercury sextile Venus and Mars- stimulates the mind, creativity and socializing

Mercury square pluto and Jupiter- hope, broad outlook, deep thinking, focus on details

Mercury semisextile Neptune- more opportunity for deep discussions

Venus trine Mars-friendship and socializing

Venus square Neptune- insecurities

Mars square Uranus- rebelling against authority

Jupiter conjunct Saturn and Pluto- breaking through barriers, karma will reward you

Jupiter square Uranus- sudden transformation, be careful which opportunity you choose

Saturn square Uranus- difficult changes

Saturn conjunct Pluto- hardwork, honesty, changes

Uranus semisquare Neptune- the self vs the collective, ego vs. oneness

Pluto Quintile Chiron-transform our feelings and thoughts about wounds and healing

Neptune sextile Pluto- creativity and spiritual awakenings

Change is definitely a theme in this moon phase, and it seems to be the one constant. Everyone can be assured something in your life is in flux at the time of this new moon. Whether you’re feeling the spiritual awakening of the Neptune Pluto sextile, the choice of oppotrunity from Jupiter square Uranus, rebelling against authority with Mars square Uranus, feeling the sun square Pluto and figuring out your issues with control, or finding yourself in deep life altering discussions with our Mercury aspects, your life will probably never be quite the same after this period.

My advice for this new moon? Don’t drag your heels like the bull that this moon reminds us of, but rather be grounded as much as you can while heading in the direction you’re called to. Open yourself up to opportunities but listen to your intuition as to which way to go. Have good karma and don’t let your ego get in the way and the universe will reward you soon. Don’t let poor self esteem hold you back from manifesting all that you desire. Use the energy of the bull to break through the barriers that have been holding you back.

Happy manifesting with this Taurus New Moon!

Stay grounded friends!

Your Spiritual Muse,



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