New Moon in Scorpio

This New Moon in Scorpio takes place just after midnight on November 15th, 2020. Scorpio is the most transformative sign of the zodiac. Be ready for deep discussions and even possibly secrets surfacing.


Moon sextile Saturn- Positive and happy emotions

Moon sextile Jupiter- growth and expansion

Moon trine Neptune- luck, synchronicity, imagination

Moon sextile Pluto- transformation, rebirth

Mercury square Saturn- tough societal discussions

Mercury opposite Uranus- reform and working through differences

Venus opposite Mars- working on differences in what we value

Venus square Jupiter- tension and growth about what we value

Venus square Saturn- tension with restrictions about what we value

Venus square Pluto- difficult transformation

Mars Square Jupiter- growth, tension

Mars Square Pluto- drama and battle leading to transformation

Jupiter sextile Neptune- imagination expands the greater whole

Neptune sextile Pluto- imagination can lead to a positive rebirth

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