New Moon in Sagittarius December 14th 2020 at 11:16 am EST

On December 14th, an exhilarating, firey Sagittarius New Moon takes place above us. Sagittarius is the explorer sign, the freedom seeker, the endless optimist. During this time its a good time to begin a new journey, study something or take a class that interests you. It is a time to laugh at the cosmic joke of life. Take this opportunity to dream and discover. Seek out knowledge. Get into philosophical discussions. Go have some fun!


Mercury conjunction with the moon and sun- With the sun and moon in Sagittarius right next to Mercury its an amazing time for philosophical discussions and seeking knowledge

Trine Mars in Aries- lucky time for discussing our values with others and fighting for our beliefs, synchronicities will arise.

Neptune square- tension in the greater whole, use your imagination to manifest positive new realities

So go out, have big deep talks and explore!

Love you and thanks for reading,


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