New Moon in Libra October 16th 2020

Libra Full Moons are all about balance, harmony and relationships. At this time ask yourself; do i feel balanced? Is your life in harmony? How are your relationships? Not just how are other people showing up for you but how are you showing up in your relationships? Now is a good time to manifest healthy relationships.


Moon trine Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto- leads to growth, restriction, and transformation

Moon and sun opposite Mars- working with differences, motivation, emotions and what we value

Jupiter and Saturn square Mars- growth, battle in society and efforts needed

Jupiter and Saturn trine Venus- love, friendship, syncronicities, expansion, community

Venus trine Uranus- change, reform in relationships and love, lucky

Mars Square Pluto- rebirth, tension, battle

Venus trine Pluto- positive transformation in relationships

Venus opposite Neptune- greater whole is discovering what is of value and what love means

Mercury opposite Uranus- learning, trauma leading to change

Mercury trine Neptune- positive communication and imagination

Saturn and Jupiter conjunct Pluto- transformation and expansion in society

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