New Moon in Cancer June 2020


On June 21, 2020, at 2:41 am est, we find a new moon in Cancer. This is an important time to think about family, especially your parents. It’s all about home life and those who feel like home. Get in touch or spend time with those people. Use this time to resolve any family issues. Are you being too hard on yourself and not letting your sensitive side out? On the other hand are you being too moody?
It’s also a great time to focus on nurturing others, does anyone need a good hug or a cup of tea? It will feel so good to provide a safe space for others physically or metaphorically. Who needs you to care for them? AND who is caring for YOU?
Since we are about half way through the year, its a good time to ask yourself how you are living up to your goals this year. Does anything need to be rethought or revised? Is there anything you want to pick back up?
As cancer is a water sign, it is also a great time to enjoy a dip in the ocean, a lake or even do a ritual bath! Being in the water can remind you of a time you were nurtured by your mother, in her womb! Embrace the water, it’s part of you too!

Important note, reading these aspects below you will see a theme. It is the time to speak up, the planets and stars are begging you to talk about what you value. Mercury is in retrograde so tread lightly, but honestly Mercury retrograde is a time to fix things from the past and these are issues that have not just come up. Society needs us to take action for it’s transformation.
Other Planetary Aspects
Sun square Mars- conflict between what motivates us and what we actually value
Sun square Neptune- tension about action and the greater whole
Sun square Chiron-conflict about the actions we take for healing
Moon square Mars- effort needed to define what we truly value
Moon square Neptune- conflict about our reactions and the greater whole
Moon square Chiron- conflict about our instincts on how to heal
Mercury sextile Uranus- positive time to learn through changes
Mercury trine Neptune-imagination and communication bring us synchronicities
Mercury opposite Pluto- we need to communicate and work on differences to transform
Mercury square Chiron- effort and communication will heal us
Venus trine Saturn- improving relationships with society and our communities
Venus sextile Chiron-positive relationships with others will help us heal
Mars sextile Jupiter- fighting for what we value leads to expansion and growth
Mars sextile Saturn- a positive time for fighting for positive societal change
Mars semisquare Uranus- friction will lead to reformation
Mars conjunct Neptune- powerful time to fight for what you believe in
Mars sextile Pluto-happiness and rebirth of what we value
Jupiter conjunct Saturn- powerful time for expansion and creating a mark on society
Jupiter sextile Neptune- growth and positive changes for the greater whole
Jupiter conjunct Pluto- powerful time for growth and rebirth
Saturn square Uranus-effort needed to reform society
Saturn conjunct Pluto- powerful restriction creates transformation
Neptune sextile Pluto- positive transformation for the greater whole

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