New Moon in Cancer July 20th 2020

On July 20th 2020 at 1:32 pm EST, the moon will be full in the sign of Cancer. When the moon and the sun are both in Cancer, this makes makes for a very emotional time in the cosmos. The moon is also square Saturn which makes it difficult to express our emotions to others. We may also be feeling rejection from others at this time or loneliness. Cancer is related to safety, emotional security and closeness so this aspect heightens the overall expression of this moon phase. The best thing to do around this New Moon is to focus on your personal goals.

Crystals for this Cancer New Moon

Bumblebee Jasper- creates a buzzing sensation in our solar plexus when the right opportunity presents itself

Blue Aragonite- helps you feel calm and relaxed, helps us communicate more openly by linking heart and throat chakras

Aquamarine- helps us with our determination, enhances our intuition, and gets rid of any emotional numbness

When it comes to working with crystals I ALWAYS tell people to listen to their own heart, their gut, their intuition. What feels right to you IS RIGHT. As long as you don’t eat them or throw them at people who piss you off 😉
Some suggestions for rituals
⦁ Meditate holding one or all of them focusing your intention anytime around this new moon (full moons are in strong affect up to 4 days before and 4 days after but continue to influence us until the next major moon phase and even longer!)
⦁ Hold the stone/stones when you feel the moons energy
⦁ Place the stones on your altar (don’t have one? Make one! It’s as simple as clearing off a pretty space and placing your crystals down lovingly) and write a list of all the things you’d like to manifest this full moon. (This is the one thing I do without fail every new moon) I suggest you write this list in your personalized moon journal then you can keep looking back on it over the next weeks and months as you continue your crystal moon journey.
⦁ Try out different mantras like “I am honoring my authentic self and shining my light into the world” or “I am pursuing my purpose!”, “I am figuring out my purpose and always moving towards what feels good!” or make one up yourself!

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