New Moon in Aquarius January 24th 2020

New Moons in Aquarius remind us to detach, be inventive, be true, connect and be charitable. With both the sun and the moon in Aquarius this plays a big role. Aquarius is an air sign so we may feel lost in thoughts at this time. Aquarius reminds us to look at where we are too attached and let go a little. Use the Aquarius energy to find a creative solution or even invent something! Are you allowing yourself the space to BE yourself? Show your true self at this time and be authentic. Take some time out to be social around this time. Aquarius is a humanitarian sign so go seek out your people, your kindred spirits. Oh yeah did I mention humanitarian, think about how you can give back at this time. Donate whatever you can, your money to a good cause or even your time to someone in need. This time of year with Aquarius prominently in the sky your cup is bound to be overflowing.

Other aspects affecting the new moon

New Moon square Uranus -Uranus represents our unique individuality and capacity to liberate yourself from past limitations. This may make you feel restless so take action and be positive and proactive. This may bring about great change so go with it!

Venus square Mars -Venus represents our ability to attract people and things that we love and value. Mars is all about our capacity to assert ourselves to get what we desire. Squares indicate conflict so conflicts and tension may arise related to our abilities to get what we love and desire.

Mercury sextile Mars -Mercury is the planet of communication, thinking, speaking, learning and reasoning. With a cooperative sextile between the two planets this brings about a great urge to take on and speak up about your desires.

Venus sextile Jupiter – With Venus and Jupiter working together it will help us to search for meaning, truth and our own values in a loving way. This will ease any relationship tensions and possibly spark new relationships or deeper bonds.

Overall, this moon can bring about HUGE changes that some may not take easily. However, if you can approach it with love and understanding the growth and changes will be highly positive. Go with the changes not against it and be prepared to observe others fighting a little too hard against the flow. Maybe offer some sage advice from a caring standpoint but only once their mood swings subside. Not getting what we want at this time could result in something much better if we don’t dwell on the changes or feelings of loss.

Enjoy these changes you got this!
Love to your growing spirit,
Your Spiritual Muse

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