Libra Full Moon

April 7th 2020 at 10:36pm

Full Moon Chart

On April 7th at 10:34 pm EST, we will find a full moon in Libra. Full moons are always about release and fulfillment. A libra full moon brings to mind balance, harmony, and relationships. At this time we may find challenges in relationships and such feelings coming to the surface. This particular moon is called “The Pink Moon” but it will actually be golden in color. The pink merely refers to a flower that moons near this time called “moss pink.” This will be a supermoon, the second in it’s serious and the largest. So make sure to go outside and take a look on April 7th.

With the Sun in Aries, we will be struggling with the self and our independence. The Libra Moon makes us turn our focus to relationships and working together. It will be important at this time to find balance between independence and relationships. Only in balancing the two will be find harmony.

Other aspects:

Moon square Jupiter- conflicts with our purpose and trusting others

Mercury sextile Jupiter- being tolerant to others, curiosity, and open mindedness

Pluto and Jupiter conjunct in Capricorn- helps you discover your natural talents in order to achieve your goals

Venus in Gemini- communication, talking with loved ones

Chiron in Aries- quick healing and resiliency (until Feb 2027)

Mercury and Neptune in Pisces- heightened senses, you may be unsure what is real or imagined, this is starting to become more clear

Mars trine Venus- desire to be social or even date, you will feel beautiful

Venus trine Saturn- simpler life, crisis brings everyone together

These aspects add some intrigue to this moon phase. The moon square Jupiter will make us question others, while Mercury sextile Jupiter will make it easier to be tolerant and open minded. Pluto and Jupiter conjunct will help us achieve our individuality and honing our talents. Gemini will encourage us to speak with loved ones and Mars in Venus will help us want to socialize. Venus trine Saturn helps us enjoy the little things and through this crisis all of our relationships will be strengthened.

So remember to try to be tolerant during these often difficult times, call your loved ones, and listen to your intuition to decipher fact from fiction.

Happy Full Moon and many blessings to you and yours!

Your Spiritual Muse,



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  3. Glad to see an instance of astrological interpretation which relies only on planets, aspects and signs, with no mention of ‘houses’.

  4. Hi, such an amazing blog and thanks for explaining in details, amazing read!! I’ve heard its really beneficial to use moonstones and salanite during full moon phases for mind and soul.

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