Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th

Full Moon in Scorpio May 7th at 6:46am
Scorpio is the investigator, the Scorpion, and a water sign ruled by Pluto. This sign is all about rebirth, loyalty, imagination, emotions, and on the flip side jealousy, secrets, and holding grudges. The energy can be intense and transformative. Ask yourself if you’ve been living out of fear or focusing on the negative. Have you been behaving toxically or cruel? Have you been holding any grudges you need to release? This is a good time to focus on healthy sexuality. Find a balance between being over the top and being lazy. This will be a time of huge transformation not just for us as individuals but for the world at large. Pluto recently moved into retrograde which means this is a doubly transformative time where we may dive deeply into shadow work.
When the sun is opposite the moon, we find a full moon.
Sun conjunct Mercury- motivation to communicate and learn
Sun square Mars- action, tension, fighting for what we value
Sun trine Jupiter- luck, motivation, growth, synchronicities
Sun sextile Neptune- acting for positive change for the greater good
Sun trine Pluto- motivation towards positive transformation, synchronicities, luck
Moon opposite Mercury- working on differences in communication of our emotions
Moon square Mars- emotional reactions, tension, fighting
Moon trine Neptune- a lucky time to create with our imagination, follow your instincts
Mars square Mercury- tension and drama in communication and our values and what we’re willing to fight for
Mars trine Venus- friendship and socializing
Jupiter trine Mercury- growth, positive learning through communication
Saturn conjunct Jupiter- growing through restrictions, breakthroughs
Uranus semisquare Venus- change/reform, friction, love, relationships, what we value
Uranus quintile Mars- change, solutions, fighting for what we value
Uranus square Saturn- difficult change, drama, restrictions
Neptune sextile Mercury- imagination, communication, positivity, learning
Neptune square Venus- insecurities, effort needed to work on ourselves
Neptune semisquare Uranus- imagination, friction, change
Pluto trine Mercury- transformation through positive communication, thoughts and learning
Pluto conjunct Jupiter- karma is working its magic
Pluto conjunct Saturn- changes
Pluto sextile Neptune- creativity and awakening
Chiron semisquare Mercury- friction, healing communication
Chiron quintile Venus- healing, solutions, love, relationships, waht we value
Chiron Quintile Jupiter- healing, solutions, growth
Chiron sextile Saturn- healing society
Chiron quintile Pluto- transforming our feelings and thoughts and wound and finding solutions for healing

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