Full Moon in Sagittarius June 5th 2020

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A Full moon and lunar eclipse in Sagittarius takes place on June 5th 2020 at 3:12 pm eastern standard time. It brings with it a fun energy that can feel like relief after a very taxing period. Ask yourself if you’ve been too carless or irresponsible or if you’ve been letting yourself down. Have you been allowing yourself to be bored? Are you seeing the bigger picture? Are you afraid of commitment to your goals? Don’t forget that life is meant to be lived! It’s a time to find a balance between oversharing and speaking from your heart.

An important note, Mercury retrograde begins on June 18th, so during this time we are in the shadow period before it begins. Now is a chance to communicate about issues before they snowball. Get ahead of it! As you read these aspects below, you will see that communication is the only way to work through issues in relationships to find common ground.

Other Planetary Aspects
Sun conjunct Venus- powerful motivation toward friendship, love and what we value
Moon opposite Venus- working with differences in relationships
Sun and Moon square Mars- continuing tensions
Mercury trine Mars- a lucky time to communicate about what we value and what we want to fight for
Venus square Mars-need for balance and compromise in relationships
Venus square Neptune- tension in relationships, wishing things were different, that grass were greener
Moon semisquare Saturn- emotional friction and restriction
Mars semisquare Saturn- friction about what we need to do to survive and what makes us feel accomplished and like we are making an impact on society
Mercury sextile Uranus- positive communication about change
Saturn square Uranus- continuing difficult changes
Neptune square the Sun and Moon- tension for the greater whole, action and reactions will occur
Mars conjunct Neptune- powerful time to imagine and visualize what we value
Jupiter sextile Neptune- positive growth and expansion for the greater whle
Neptune semisquare Uranus- friction leading to reformation for the greater whole
Jupiter conjunct Pluto- karma still at work in powerful ways
Saturn conjunct Pluto- powerful changes in society
Pluto sextile Neptune- creativity continues to awaken
Chiron trine the Moon- synchronicities about your emotions and healing
Chiron square Mercury- effort needed with communication and healing
Chiron sextile Mars- positive things occurring in the fight for healing
Chiron Quintile Jupiter- growth and expansion in healing

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