Full Moon in Leo February 9th 2020

Full Moon in Leo
The energy is bright and proud. Have you been too self-centered, egotistical, or proud? Have you been treating the people around you like accessories? Have you been arrogant, vain, or pompous? Have you been expressing yourself creatively? Have you shown yourself enough self love? Get back in touch with your humility. Find a balance between what your friends need and what you need.

Full moon trine Mars
This is a great time because you know what you want, you know how to get it and you are unafraid to act on it.

Full moon Quincunx Neptune
You will feel more emotionally sensitive at this time and with Mars intense energy adding to it it can lead to fights within relationships. Focus on healthy conversations and letting go of things before they become an unneccessary argument. It’s important to find balance at this time. Looking to a higher force, the universe, or “god” may help.

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