Full Moon in Gemini

Full Moon in Gemini Chart: December 12, 2019

Congratulations! You survived another year of full moons. As we enter the last full moon of the year, it’s an excellent time to let go of any lingering trash in our lives. Full Moons are always times or release as we prepare for the moons energy and appearance in the sky to subside, but why not give it some extra energy as the last full moon of the DECADE. Let’s start 2020 fresh and renewed.

This full moon falls on 12/12 at 12:12 am on the east coast! Not only that but 2019 reduces to the number 12. In numerology 12 then reduces down to 3. Three is all about your own personal happiness, so ask yourself what makes you happy? And keep asking until you really KNOW. Then focus on releasing anything that takes away from your own personal happiness and joy.

A gemini full moon is especially beneficial for Aries, Geminis, Leos, Librans, Sagittarians, and Aquarians but is often harder for the rest of the zodiak. Gemini energy is communicative yet changeable and fickle. You never know which twin you will get!

According to “Moonology” some good questions to ask yourself during this time are: have I been gossipy, superficial, or flightly? Have I been glossing over other people’s feelings? Have I been too quick to change my mind, too restless? Have I done enough reading to keep expanding my mind? How can I slow down and be authentic with others?

Since Gemini is all about multitasking and spins lots of plates at once, it’s a great time to find balance between all your hobbies/interests and really focus on developing one at this time. The gemini moon can have us feeling motivated and the sun in Sagittarius adds an energized feeling and inner fire to any endeavour. Gemini is an air sign so it fuels that Sagittarius fire. Sagittarius is all about expanding our minds to look at the bigger picture and can help the sometimes lower level communication and learning of gemini. During this full moon we also find Mercury in Sagittarius which encourages us to communicate with others to learn to see the bigger picture.

Mars in Scorpio brings about a time of transformation, action, a magnetic moving force and deeper intentions behind our actions.

Uranus in Taurus allows us to shatter old forms of ourselves by our own resourcefulness. Our productivity at this time can lead to the liberation of our individuality.

Neptune is right at home in Pisces where our dreams, ideals are merging with ideas of connection, the greater whole, unity, and compassion.

Some of the most powerful influences on this new moon are the three planets snuggled up in Capricorn. Pluto, Venus, and Saturn are all only one degree apart. Pluto in Capricorn will bring about structure, transformation and renewal. Venus in Capricorn will make us think about love, asethetics, and balance. Saturn in Capricorn will bring about themes of social accomplishment.

Venus conjunct Saturn will make it difficult to express love and make it easier to be cold towards those we love. Venus conjunct Pluto will cause us to feel an increased need for love and deep connections. Saturn conjunct Pluto will cause us to work hard and we will need patience to do so.

The moon quincunx Venus will bring an imbalance of love and emotional support. This balance needs to be restored in relationships, don’t just turn away and look for temporary satisfaction. Moon quincunx Saturn leads to guilt, fear or distractions that can affect relationships. The third quincunx with Pluto leads to anxiety and emotional intensity which may be so strong you feel a need to withdraw all together.

This full moon is going to be extremely important for working on relationships before the end of this year and this decade! That means relationships with everyone in your life, even yourself. Look at the bigger picture of how your actions affect others not just yourself. This can lead to greater understanding and huge karmic lessons.

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