Full Moon in Gemini

On November 30th, we find a full moon in Gemini. The rest of the chart is lacking air so this shows a need for thinking and communication but it won’t be easy. Gemini is a very quick mental sign all about communication and duality. We will be noticing polarities in our lives and in the greater whole. Choose the high road of Gemini and think things through before you speak. Mercury is also now direct so that will be a big help with the stars begging for communication.


Sun trine Mars- motivation and luck towards goals

Sun Square Neptune- imagination and action needed

Sun Trine Chiron- Lucky time for healing

Moon square Neptune- tense, emotional reaction in the greater whole

Moon sextile Chiron- positive emotional healing

Venus trine Neptune- luck in lovez friendship, use your imagination for results

Mercury sextile Jupiter- happy communication, expansive thoughts

Mercury sextile Saturn- communicate restrictions, positive time

Mercury sextile Pluto- positive transformation through communication and learning

Mercury trine Neptune- syncronicities, imagining other realities

Mercury trine Chiron- synchronicity, healing via communication

Mars Square Jupiter- battle for what we value leading to growth

Mars Square Pluto- rebirth via battle

Saturn square Uranus- tense societal changes

Neptune sextile Pluto- positive transformation for the greater whole

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