Full Moon in Cancer January 10th 2:21 pm EST

Cancer full moons can bring up a needy and dependent energy. Since this full moon is also a lunar eclipse, it magnifies the already strong energy. It’s important during this time to find balance between your need to achieve and your time at home. Have you had enough time with close friends and family? On the other hand, have you been avoiding things you need to deal with? This moon may bring up feelings of insecurity or neediness. Ask yourself if you’re being too clingy, moody, manipulative, or paranoid. When you are balancing your work/home life you should not have a problem here, but if you are out of balance your worst emotions could rear their ugly heads. If intense feelings come up, take a step back, acknowledge how you feel and maybe do some journaling to see where the imbalance is coming into play. When you find balance you will be sure of yourself at work and at home.

Below is a chart of the Full Moon in Cancer

Other Aspects

Moon/ Luncar Eclipse opposite Mercury shines a light onto our communication so be sure to think before you speak. Talk to someone you admire about your feelings so you can better understand them.

Moon/Lunar Eclipse opposite Saturn will ask us to look at order and discipline in our lives. We may feel burdened by our responsibilities or feel bored or lonely. Try to keep yourself busy or do something relaxing.

Moon/Lunar Eclipse opposite Pluto will provide an opportunity to transform and renew ourselves but it most likely will not be easy. Relationships can be strained when we allow our emotions to take us from one extreme to another.

Moon/Lunar Eclipse opposite Ceres will bring a challenge to love unconditionally and nurture not just those we love but also ourselves. Ceres rules working mothers and can challenge a family dynamic.

Moon/Lunar Eclipse trine Neptune implores us to consider how we are helping or hindering other or the greater whole. Meditation or prayer are important at this time. A great time for activism as there may be a lot to speak out about at this time.

So, in a nutshell, this moon is tough on relationships. However, if you are careful with your words and do not allow your emotions to run wild, we will be able to help each other through this time. If we can balance our home and work life we will be feeling more secure with this cancer full moon lunar eclipse. It might still get a bit messy, but if we can be self aware, we can save ourselves a lot of clean up. Try to take some time to mediate, speak to someone you admire or a professional(nothing wrong with that!) or do something artistic/ creative with all those feelings bubbling up!

Magickal Moon Blessings!

Love Always from your Spiritual Muse,


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