Full Moon in Cancer December 29th 2020

With the Full moon in Cancer you can expect an emotional time. I like to think of Cancer as the momma sign. Cancer energy is all about nurturing. Take this time to nurture yourself if you need it right now. Its an opportunity to nurture others as well but make sure to fill your cup first and nurture yourself. Family issues may come up at this time and its also a great time to let go of any wounds from your childhood. Pay attention to gut feelings at this time. A mothers intuition you might say, may strong right now. Feed yourself good, healthy food and enjoy it.


Moon square Mars- emotional friction with what we value

Moon trine Neptune- lucky imagination and instincts

Moon opposite Pluto- working on differences to transform

Use this moon phase to nurture yourself and others and also your imagination and your instincts! You are worthly of a mothers love and so if everyone else.

Have a beautiful full moon,


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