Full Moon in Aries October 1st, 2020

On October 1st at 5:05pm est, the moon is full in Aries. Aries moons are fired and make us want to take action. Be ready for passionate energy that motivates. Ask yourself what is worth fighting for in your life and what isn’t and let what isn’t serving you go.


Moon and Sun square Jupiter- actions taken based on emotions

Mars Square Jupiter- tension and fighting for what we value leading to growth and transformation

Mercury square Saturn- learn in g about society and communicating issues

Mars Square Saturn- battle and restriction

Mars trine Venus- lucky/positive influence helps us appreciate what we have and what we’ve worked for

Jupiter trine Uranus- positive growth and reform

Chiron conjunction with the Moon and opposition to the sun- emotional pain causes us to act, working on healing from what hurts us and using it to grow

Mercury opposite Neptune- communicating or thinking about differences and imagining a better future

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